Chaney Jones has been sparking a lot of rumors since she started dating Kanye West. First, the gossip was that Jones and Ye were breaking up. Then, she started being spotted with another man.

Jones is currently on vacation in Greece. While there, she has been spotted with Justin Combs, the son of Diddy. After being caught playing some bikini football with Justin at the end of June, the talk of a possible relationship picked up.

In a response to a post on social media, Chaney Jones denied that she is on a romantic trip with Justin Combs. She noted that she is there with a group of people, and Justin happens to be one of them. Chaney said she has been a friend of the Combs family for years.

“No there was a group of us there & I’ve been friends with that family for years. Please stop believing everything you see on the internet lol”

Chaney Jones’ relationship status is not completely clear. After rumors of a breakup with Kanye West, she posted a tribute to the rapper on TikTok. In that post, she called him “baby” and said that she loved him.

It does not appear there is anything to the rumors of a romance between Chaney Jones and Justin Combs. Chaney claims that her relationship is only platonic and that Diddy’s family are long-time friends. That probably won’t be enough to shut down the gossip, but Chaney did her best to tell her side of the story.

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Michael Perry

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