Leonardo DiCaprio is nothing else if not comfortable in front of a camera. Leo is one of Hollywood’s most highly acclaimed actors and always looks at ease on television or the silver screen. Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio were recently photographed travelling in Saint-Tropez.

The two 47-year-old stars appeared to be enjoying their time on the lake, and they afterwards went jet skiing with a number of their buddies. The well-known actors have been close friends for many years and have previously co-starred in a number of films.

DiCaprio chose to stay in the company of his close pal by donning a blue rash guard and a gray cap. Maguire wore a gray life vest over his shirtless body and a pair of black trunks. The longtime friends made their debut on-screen appearance in the coming-of-age film This Boy’s Life in 1993. Daily Mail was able to snag the photos.

The same-titled memoir by Tobias Wolff, which was published four years earlier, served as the inspiration for the film. A younger version of the author was portrayed by DiCaprio, and Chuck Bolger was played by Tobey Maguire in a supporting role. The reviews for This Boy’s Life were mostly favorable, with the former’s performance receiving a lot of attention.

Later, the two actors starred in the mid-1990s independent film Don’s Plum. The film gained a lot of attention as its creators were accused of trying to prevent the distribution of the film in a lawsuit, albeit the dispute was ultimately resolved. Later, DiCaprio and Maguire starred in the 2013 historical drama The Great Gatsby, which was based on the same-named book.

The former actor played the title character, and the latter took on the role of Nick Carraway, the book’s narrator. Figures like Isla Fisher, Carey Mulligan, and Jason Clarke, among others, all gave performances in the film. Check out their pictures below.

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