Mass shootings have become all too common due to acts of terrorism, hate, or mental instability. Las Vegas tourists recently rushed out of the MGM Grand following false reports of gunfire. A glass door breaking was all it took to send the Vegas strip into a full-blown panic, which is a sign of the times.

Tourists reported loud noises on the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday night that they mistook for gunfire. The misunderstanding set off a chain reaction that sent hundreds of terrified people fleeing for their lives. People scurried for cover, even though it turned out to only be a glass door breaking.

There is no sign of gunshot in the neighborhood, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. The incident is currently being investigated. People bolted from the New York-New York and MGM Grand.

One individual fell during the stampede out and had minor injuries. The individual who broke the glass door was the only one taken into custody. That person was detained on grounds of possible property destruction. It is currently unknown if any arrests were made.

It’s a very dangerous situation, as you can see police officers swarming the area with their guns drawn to determine whether there is an actual active shooter. The incident forced a break in the World Series of Poker, but the players soon resumed play. Mass shootings are all too often, but Las Vegas stands out as the bloodiest mass shooting in American history after 58 people were massacred there in 2017 during a music festival. Check out the posts below.

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