Miami Swim Week has been quite lively this year. Numerous influencers, models, and designers have congregated in the exciting city for the past three days to watch various items stroll down the runway. This year’s participants included celebrities like Jayda Cheaves, Ari Fletcher, and JT of the City Girls.

Khaled took pleasure in energizing the women as they danced together. While JT and Ari enjoyed their day as models, they returned to their regular lives of drinking and dancing at night. DJ Khaled dropped a video of him clubbing with the two socialites when he was also present for the Miami celebrations.

Great vibes tonight at versace mansion… Bless up @thegirljt.

The two women wore identical clothing in the clip. JT donned a vivid orange robe and Ari wore the same patterned leggings. The City Girls’ most recent single, “Good Love,” with Usher, was playing while Khaled stood next to them. JT, whose true name is Jatavia Shakara Johnson, rapped her stanza bar by bar while adhering to her rhymes.

In typical Khaled style, he bounced back and forth while energizing JT while she sang her lines. After she was done, she and Ari did a sensuous dance on each other, wrapping their hips together and kneeling to the ground. The DJ was then told to run the microphone back, and Khaled yelled out the City Girls.

The Florida native was photographed by the 46-year-old producer after their exchange and uploaded on his Instagram. God Did, Khaled’s thirteenth studio album, is currently under production. He has indicated that he will be collaborating with many artists, including Lil Baby, Cardi B, 21 Savage, and others, and he promised that it will happen soon.

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