Cardi B is one of the most electrifying performers around. She is never one to keep her feelings to herself on social media. Cardi B recently shed light on her hatred for deadbeat mothers.

When it comes to her kids, Cardi B won’t rely too much on outside support. The 29-year-old artist and her husband Offset are parents to 10-month-old boy, Wave, and daughter, Kulture. In addition, while she continues to work, taking care of her kids comes first.

Additionally, Cardi B avoids placing unreasonable demands on her family, particularly her mother Clara Almánzar. The “WAP” singer acknowledged that motherhood has altered her perspective on life and made her more sympathetic. Cardi does not, however, greet everybody with open arms.

Your parents have already lived their life and raised their kids. They are older and don’t have the same energy as someone in their 20s. I’m never far from my kids because that’s my responsibility as a mother. I have so much compassion – and love and appreciation – for all mothers in the world. There is no excuse, we have to do it. I have compassion for good mothers who get up and hustle and work, or even not work – having kids is work. Raising a kid is work. I have so much hatred for deadbeat mothers and fathers. It’s like, yo, bringing a baby into this world isn’t just like, ‘I’ll figure it out.’ You have to be ready because you as a parent is all they got and all they want.

Cardi B gave birth to her first child, Kulture, back in 2018. Her little girl recently celebrated her fourth birthday. Since becoming a mom, Cardi has had to deal with plenty of weird behavior from fans, but she has been nothing if not a proud mom.

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