Kodak Black got a huge break after being pardoned by former President Donald Trump after being charged with falsifying information to buy firearms. One would think that he would be trying to keep his nose clean after his good fortune. Instead Kodak was arrested in Florida with 31 Oxycodone pills and nearly $75,000 in cash on him.

Kodak was pulled over for illegal window tint in Ft. Lauderdale when the arrest occurred. Police immediately noticed a strong odor of marijuana. From there, they found the pills and the money.

Kodak Black was arrested and booked into Broward County Jail. There was no confirmation on what specific charges he will face. Either way, it doesn’t sound good for Kodak.

Now, his mugshot has been released. As fans push for his freedom, law enforcement will be looking into why he had so much money and so many pills. He may be nailed with some sort of distribution charge given the amount of Oxycodon pills and money he had on him.

The incident stands in strong contrast to just a month ago. Kodak Black was an entirely different person as he was celebrated with ‘Kodak Black Day’ in Broward County. Police from that same location were the ones who arrested the rapper.

You can check out Kodak Black’s mugshot below. It’s not a becoming look for the “Super Gremlin” star. Now, he will face the legal fight of his life as he hopes to remain a free man.

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