Tiger Woods can now count himself among only three billionaire athletes in the world. The golf legend recently made an inspirational comeback after nearly losing his leg in a car accident. Woods couldn’t hold back tears recently before missing the cut at the British Open.

Woods recently failed to make the 2022 British Open cut. On the 18th hole of the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland, the 46-year-old golfing legend was the first of his threesome to arrive at the Swilican Bridge. Being 9 over par at that moment prevented Tiger from competing in the competition’s weekend rounds, which would have been his third official tournament since his injury in February 2021.

A cheer from the audience greeted Tiger as he crossed the bridge. Tiger, who might have just crossed the bridge for the last time, was surprised by the response. As Tiger proceeded down the fairway, he had to blot his tears away because the gravity of the situation was too much for him. According to New York Post, Tiger addressed it afterwards.

It’s very emotional for me. I’ve been coming here since 1995, and I don’t know when … I think the next one comes [back to St. Andrews] in what, 2030? I don’t know if I will be physically able to play by then. So, to me, it felt like this might have been my last British Open here at St Andrews.

The warmth and the ovation at 18, it got to me. I had a few tears. I’m not one who gets very teary-eyed very often about anything. But when it comes to the game and the passing on of … just the transition … I was lucky enough in ’95 to watch Arnold [Palmer] hit his first tee shot in the second round as I was going to the range. And I could hear Jack playing his last one, I was probably about four holes behind him.

Just to hear the ovations getting louder and louder and louder. I felt that as I was coming in. The people knew that I wasn’t going to make the cut at the number I was. But the ovations got louder as I was coming home. And that to me was … it felt just the respect. I’ve always respected this event. I’ve always respected the traditions of the game.

Tiger has played golf three times since his automobile accident outside of Los Angeles in 2021, the last time being at the British Open. According to ESPN, Tiger added that his right leg is stronger now than it has been before the accident despite having many ailments on it. Tiger participated in the opening rounds of the PGA Championship in May and the Masters in April before the British Open. Check out the tweet below.

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