Ray J decided to get a tattoo of his sister, Brandy, on his thigh. The singer turned entrepreneur got a lot of attention online for his peculiar leg tattoo. He is now defending his choices and shutting all the haters up.

Ray J shared a video on his Instagram page showing off his tattoo session. This left his followers in utter confusion, as the tattoo depicts Brandy in a strange manner. Ray J spoke to TMZ at LAX on Thursday, delivering a message to all his haters.

The “Sexy Can I” singer said that the ink is an homage to Brandy. He got it done to show his love and appreciation for her. Ray J also added that without Brandy, he wouldn’t be who he is today. He doesn’t care what other people say, Ray J doubled down with “It’s my leg, and my sister.”

Going by her comment on Ray J’s post, it seems like Brandy approves of her brother’s new tat. However, Ray said that initially, Brandy was a bit uneasy about the style of the tattoo. The tattoo of Brandy itself includes a forehead tattoo that says: “Best Friend Forever.” Her eyes are bright fuchsia, looking a bit bloodshot.

There are even more weird details to this. The word “Mash” is stenciled on one of Brandy’s eyelids, and what seems to be her autograph is also stenciled on her cheek. The words “From Ray With Love” is written on Brandy’s face too. Most of Ray J’s fans didn’t like it, but Ray J likes it and that’s all that matters to him.

If anything, Ray J certainly drummed up a lot of attention for himself on this one.

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Shifa Jahan

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