Britney Spears is an enthusiastic social media user who routinely updates her followers on her daily activities. The pop artist tied the knot with Sam Asghari on June 9th, after dating him for five years. She also relocated to a new home. All of this transpired after her 13-year conservatorship ended. This has provided Spears the opportunity to rediscover her passion for music once again.

Spears took to Instagram, and treated her fans to a new version of ‘Baby One More Time.’ The pop star sang the iconic lyrics of her song in a video without the backing of any tune. She explained in a lengthy caption that she’s wished to record a ‘different version’ of the tune for 14 years.

This is me yesterday doing laundry and separating clothes… I haven’t shared my voice in an extremely long time … maybe too log. And here’s me playing at my house with a different version of ‘Baby.’Well I have asked for what I wanted for 14 years … a different version of ‘Baby’ but have the producers actually work for me and put it together … a start. But as the TEAM said NO and serves me with 4 girls, my sister included, doing a 5 minute version of 4 remixed songs to a T not even having to give effort or dance … just shot it beautifully and the sound was NEW !!! They ruined it for me, embarrassed me and made me feel like absolutely nothing!!!

‘Baby One More Time’ came out in 1998 and is regarded one of the most iconic song of that era. The song became a worldwide hit soon after it’s release, topping the charts in at least 22 countries. It was also the best selling single of 1999, and has sold over 10 million copies.

Britney Spears always desired a different version of her popular song. She is upset that her initial idea was rejected by her team. Hopefully, with her newfound freedom, the singer will be able to record this version after 14 years.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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