AJ Ferrari was considered one of the top prospects in WWE’s NIL program. The company has been signing collegiate athletes to deals to entice them to look into pro wrestling as a career after their college days are through. Unfortunately, AJ is now facing some very serious charges that may jeopardize his future with the company, and perhaps even as an amateur wrestler.

Ferrari has been accused of sexual assault by police in Stillwater, Oklahoma, after an investigation stemming from a July 2 incident. AJ was kicked off the Oklahoma State wrestling squad. Now, his entire future is in question.

Dave Meltzer discussed AJ Ferrari’s potential as well as the alleged assault on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. AJ has everything it takes to be a great professional wrestler. Now, that potential is clouded with uncertainty.

“Right look, right physique, great promo. Just… He’s really, in many ways, one of those kind of characters that you just think, ‘This guy should be a pro wrestler.’ Unfortunately, he was arrested for sexual assault. It came out this week.

The arrest was actually for an incident on July the 2nd, so over a week ago, yeah… And kicked off the wrestling team, so that’s kind of where the story broke is that he was kicked off the wrestling team and certainly this is not going to help him with WWE. Depending on what happens with the charges and everything like this, but it’s certainly not a good thing for him in any way, shape, or form. But, like we said, he was kicked off the wrestling team. I don’t know if he’ll be able to go to another college. I don’t know what’s going to happen with him, but it really hurts a very promising career, because he was, like I said, national champion as a freshman.”

Earlier this year, AJ Ferrari was injured in a car accident after attempting to pass three vehicles in a no-passing zone. He was able to escape without any long-term repercussions. Now, he is facing an entirely different kind of battle, and his career could be on the line.

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Michael Perry

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