Pete Davidson is one of the biggest pop-culture figures around right now. Not only is he a massive presence due to his stand-up and impressive SNL performances, but he’s also dating one of the greatest models in the world, Kim Kardashian. Pete Davidson recently confessed that he is looking forward to getting married and having children.

On a recent episode of “Hart to Heart“, the “Saturday Night Live” star confessed that he “100 percent” intends to get married in the future. Davidson made this confession to Kevin Hart, the host. After his firefighter father tragically passed away on 9/11, his “goal” is to be a “family person” and have children.

That’s the way I hope it goes, you know? My favorite thing ever, which I’ve yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid. I just want to be there and watch them have what I didn’t have. I’m just so excited for that chapter, so, like, that’s kinda just what I’m preparing for now. Just trying to be, like, as good of a dude, and develop and get better so that when that happens it’s just easier.

The “King of Staten Island” star appears to be preparing to become a parent because he frequently spends time with Kim Kardashian’s four children, whom she has with her ex-husband Kanye West. In April, he was seen driving about with North, and in June, he accompanied Saint to the mall.

Davidson further demonstrated his devotion to the kids by getting their initials permanently inked on his neck. Kardashian, who has wed three times before and began dating Davidson in October 2021, claimed she would be up to “one more” wedding. During an April Access interview, the 41-year-old founder of SKIMS also made a hint that she wanted additional children. Let’s see what’s in store for the lovebirds in the future.

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