Every time Orlando Brown appears in front of the camera, he continues to stir up controversy with outrageous remarks. And although some people previously thought it humorous, it has since grown unsettling and alarming for his supporters and peers, particularly in light of his battles with addiction and mental health issues. Bow Wow also reacted to Orlando Brown’s recent comments about him.

The former Disney star’s viral video in which he said the former 106 & Park host had “bomb as p*ssy” received a response from Bow Wow last night. The interviewer and the rest of the Internet were both taken aback by the remark, but Bow Wow responded with a composed and understanding response. “Tweaked out… but you know dude really need help na Im sayn? That’s why we ain’t trippin on ’em. Nobody taking him serious. ItIt’ss sad because he had potential to be great. It’s sad. Dem drugs!”

Orlando Brown now responded to Bow Wow’s remark about his comments becoming viral. Orlando Brown appears to be sticking with his remarks rather than retraction them, though. In a different video that he posted on social media, he stated that Bow Wow should “embrace having bomb ass p*ssy.”

Yo, Shad. I just want to tell you, bro, thanks for recognizing me as a legend. You’re a legend yourself. I love you, man. I love all your work. You already know what’s going on, man. It’s guap. But you’re going to have to really, really address the fact that you got bomb p*ssy… You gotta tell people the truth, Bow Wow. Tell people the truth, bro. If you got bomb p*ssy, you need to embrace it. You have to do things to let people know that your p*ssy is empowerment. When you go on stage, just let people know, ‘Yes, I do have some bomb ass p*ssy.’

Brown continued before congratulating Bow Wow on his upcoming sold out date at the O2 Arena in London for the Milenium tour. Bow Wow has not yet commented on Brown’s most recent remarks. Check out the post below.

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