The trial for NBA YoungBoy is taking place in Los Angeles. As a result of authorities allegedly finding a handgun in the rapper’s car in California, he is currently being tried for felony gun possession. In the NBA YoungBoy trial, an FBI forensic examiner recently claimed that she never checked the gun for fingerprints.

In order to obtain a conviction, prosecutors have essentially tried everything within their power, but it seems to be growing harder for them. In testimony this week, Icel Kuznetsova, a forensic examiner for the FBI and “an expert in the field of latent print exams,” said she had not found any fingerprints on the FNX-45 pistol’s magazine or ammunition, which were supposedly in NBA YoungBoy’s possession.

According to Rolling Stone, she asserted that she didn’t actually check the gun for fingerprints. Defense lawyer Andrew Flier asked Kuznetsova about the analysis. “There’s no evidence based on any of your analysis that shows that Mr. Gaulden touched those particular items at all, is that correct?” Kuznetsova responded that she did not develop any prints.

I did not develop any prints on these items.

Kuznetsova’s evidence seems to be another advantage for NBA YoungBoy in his legal battle. A judge rejected using the words to two of his songs as evidence earlier this week. NBA YoungBoy will have to appear before a judge in Louisiana for related charges following his federal gun charge prosecution in California. In both cases, NBA YoungBoy entered a not-guilty plea. Check out the video below.

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