Tasha K has a beef history with Cardi B, and it now appears that she wants to have it all with Iggy Azalea. Iggy Azalea’s viral oxtail dish and Tory Lanez’s most recent remarks were topics on which the vlogger recently commented. The Canadian singer’s remarks came the closest to confirming the dating allegations that had been going around the Internet for the previous few weeks.

Tasha K took the little remarks and used them to construct a huge story about Tory and Iggy. Before claiming that Iggy served Tory Lanez a plate before her child, Onyx, she made the assertion that the Australian rapper was leaving her youngster at home to hang out with Tory Lanez. Iggy Azalea came for Tasha K quickly after hearing about her.

Tasha was brutally slammed by Iggy in a series of tweets for seeking to create controversy and for implying that the vlogger would be subject to further legal action. She also warned her not drag her her son in all these. Iggy even said that it would get difficult for Tasha to pay rents if she got sued again.

Tasha watch your mouth & definitely keep my sons name out of it. I certainly DO have that good lawyer money, don’t get sued AGAIN, you have rent to pay baby.

Iggy swiftly responded to Tasha’s assertion that she fed Tory before Onyx by stating that she doesn’t let guys be around her child. “Firstly, why would I be fixing my son oxtail? It’s spicy & not something a two year old would eat. Secondly, I don’t bring men around my child. Lastly, why are we even talking about any of this… because I cooked… food?” Tasha is yet to respond to Iggy’s rage. Check out the tweets below.

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