Boosie Badazz is one of the better-known rappers in the modern hip-hop landscape. However, he is more well known for his outrageous acts on social media and controversial takes at this point. Boosie Badazz became enraged after being placed in handcuffs during a Georgia traffic check.

TMZ has obtained the harrowing body cam footage of the event. Police claimed that Boosie and De’Shun Lawrence were travelling in a black Cadillac SUV when they were stopped for having disguised tags and heavily tinted windows. Police say they smelled marijuana in the car, so they searched it.

When they found a package of pot and a large bag of cash, they handcuffed Boosie and Lawrence and told them to stand by the side of the car. Boosie seemed to have at his breaking point while waiting for the police to do their work. He growled at the policemen, telling them he was a lover, not a combatant, and that he was just residing in rural Georgia to get AWAY from police activity.

After that, he vented about the nearly six years he spent in jail before being exonerated and vowed to stir hell, whether it be with his fists, his spit, or legitimate legal action. The situation also took an odd turn when he complained about 35 ladies doing sex activities in his home at the time. When Lawrence claimed possession of the marijuana, the tension subsided.

He was cited, and then he and Boosie were let go. Instantly, Boosie’s demeanor changes. Cops confiscated the marijuana, but at least they spared him going to jail. Check out the pictures and body cam footage below.

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