The multi-hyphenated entertainer Nick Cannon is well recognized for discussing a variety of subjects, including his life. Cannon made the decision to talk about his previous relationship with Kim Kardashian, who is currently dating Pete Davidson and is the ex-wife of Kanye “Ye” West. Nick Cannon recently confessed that he is willing to get back with Kim.

Nick Cannon engaged in some “

This is controversial. She’s with my little bro [Pete Davidson]. Hey, it’s all love, but that’s Kim Kardashian. I’d definitely spin the block. Shout out to my little bro, but I would. I don’t know what their situation is. I’m not messy, I’m patient.

Nick Cannon and Kim Kardashian began dating around 2006. Before the couple could go further, they split. Then Kanye eventually married Kardashian in 2014 after they started dating Kanye West in 2012. Before formally divorcing in 2021, the two billionaire celebrities had four children together. Late last year, Kardashian declared Pete Davidson to be her boyfriend.

Nick Cannon’s exes include Kim Kardashian as well as singer Christina Milian and model Selita Ebanks. The creator of The Explicit Tape: Raw & B wed Mariah Carey, a legendary R&B/Pop singer, in 2008; their divorce was finally formalized in 2016. Nick also recently revealed that he would get back with Carey in a heartbeat. Check out the video below.

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