Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal drama is already done. While Johnny has moved on and is beginning to enjoy his life, Amber has not. Amber recently filed a new demand in court, but she was just shut down by a judge for claiming jury fraud in the Depp case.

Amber Heard lost what was maybe her best argument for a new trial. The judge has just slammed the gavel on her assertion that one of the jurors committed fraud. Amber’s legal team had filed documents saying that one of the jurors took the summons from his father.

They said he had the same name as him and got himself fraudulently impaneled. The father and son live together. The judge didn’t accept Amber’s story, saying that there was no fraud because the summons lacked a birthdate. What’s unclear is if the son’s name includes anything distinguishing him from his father, such as a “junior” or “II” at the end.

According to TMZ, the court stated, there was no fraud, implying that either the father or son might have appeared for jury duty. Amber’s request, according to the judge, was sour grapes because she could have made it much earlier.  However, she’s only doing it now because she lost the case. In other words, because she sat on her hands, she is not entitled to judicial relief.

Amber also argued that Johnny’s compensatory damage award of $10 million was excessive. The judge, unsurprisingly, ruled against Amber. There was evidence that Johnny lost even more than that after his film roles were canceled in the aftermath of Amber’s defamatory OpEd in the Washington Post.

Amber, in a nutshell, was shut down. She can still file an appeal, but her chances are slim to none. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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