Nicki Minaj sure has a huge fan base, but Barbz have occasionally gotten the artist into trouble with their crazy actions. The Barbz had a crazy weekend because Nicki Minaj was headlining the annual Wireless Music Festival while they were out and about in London. More recently, Minaj allegedly shoved away fans at a chaotic meet and greet in London.

While Minaj was in London for her headline performance at Wireless Festival, the incident happened. Just a few days ago, followers of the Queen of Rap leapt through fences and barricades to get a glimpse of their fearless leader, straining security to the breaking point.

The following day, after a successful performance on Sunday, Minaj announced on Instagram Live that she would be conducting a surprise meet-and-greet in Camden Town, London. Naturally, hundreds of fans flocked to Cafe Koko and surrounded the “Anaconda” hitmaker upon her arrival. The mother of one can be seen and heard pleading with those around her in a TikTok video that was recorded by a fan.

Many of them disregarded her requests, including the cameraman who attempted to film a video with the recording artist while flashing a peace sign and pursing his lips. Minaj appeared to push the Barb out of the way since he didn’t respond to her request to move. He also claimed getting shoved away in his caption, “Nicki Minaj literally pushed me omg.”

The boisterous audience became so out of control that Minaj even took to Twitter to request that they cool up. Due to safety concerns, Camden Police ultimately forced to call off the event. Check out the tweets below.

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