NBA YoungBoy is living the best kind of life along with the most pressurizing legal battle, both at the same time. As the star keeps making strides as a rapper with more and more record sales, he also says that he’s either going to jail or the grave soon.

The rapper seems to have lucked out a bit during his L.A. felony gun trial. The trial started off on Tuesday and is the first in the series of two federal felony gun possession trials. The judge ruled in the favor of YoungBoy by removing the rapper’s lyrics to be used as evidence that could lead to his incrimination.

U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner made the ruling. The rapper is currently going through a trial in California. He is scheduled to go through the next trial in Louisiana. If found guilty, the rapper could face serious jail time.

The federal prosecutors aimed to use YoungBoy’s songs GunsmokeLife Support, and Lonely Child to back their case. The prosecutors had particular lyrics to use, as per a filing on Monday.

“FN, Glock, MAC-10s” [alleges] familiarity and knowledge of FN, the high-end manufacturer of the gun found in (his) car that he denies knowingly possessing.

The rapper’s legal team successfully disputed these connections. The rapper has been subject to a lot of public chatter. After he was subject to rumors that said he would be leaving music after releasing his next album, he took to Twitter to dispel these rumors.

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