Britney Griner recently plead guilty to a drug charge after being arrested at a Russian airport. Griner, a star in the WNBA, has been held in prison since the early Spring. Many have been critical of efforts by the United States government to bring her back home.

One of those critics is NBA great LeBron James. King James does not think the United States is doing enough to get Brittney Griner back home. He even thinks she may be questioning whether she wants to return after the ordeal.

Speaking on “The Shop,” LeBron James talked about the Brittney Griner situation. James wonders how Griner can feel that America has her back. He said in her shoes, he would think twice about returning home.

“Now, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?'”

Brittney Griner was arrested near Moscow in mid-February after authorities found vape cartridges with cannabis oil in her luggage. As Putin began to invade Ukraine, US officials tried to keep Griner’s situation under wraps. Eventually, the news leaked, and celebrities like Kim Kardashian have taken up her cause.

The situation between Russia and Brittney Griner is a very delicate one. President Biden recently reached out to Griner’s wife and has said he is doing all he can to help. Unless some sort of deal is struck between the two governments, Brittney could face up to ten years in prison.

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