Doja Cat is one of the most divisive rappers in the industry who never compromises on her opinions. Doja picked Amber Heard as her new target on social media. Recently, Doja Cat trolled Amber Heard’s Testimony she gave during that infamous trial.

Doja Cat’s TikTok followers recently saw her rage about 17-year-old Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp, because he revealed their private DMs. The 26-year-old is now turning to other forms of entertainment, such as an impersonation of Amber Heard.

Similar to the Aquaman actress, who was asked to describe a previous bee sting during her testimony in her defamation lawsuit with ex-husband Johnny Depp, the Hot Pink singer-songwriter stated in her TikTok video that her puppy was recently stung by a bee. The event coincided perfectly with Heard and Depp’s court case, so the rapper used the chance to make a viral video.

“It’s honestly hella sad ‘cuz like, she’s a puppy, my dog. And I’ve had her for like a week and a half, maybe two weeks now. And she like, was just running around in the grass, and she steps on a bee.”

“Y’all know what time it is,. Y’all know what f*cking time it is!”

The “Ain’t Sh*t” singer repeated, narrowing her eyes as Heard did on the stand, “My dog stepped on a bee.” She again repeated, this time adding a dramatic twitch, “My dog stepped on a bee.”

“She stepped on a f*cking bee. My dog stepped on a bee!”

Doja Cat’s post appeared to have drawn criticism because it is no longer accessible on her personal TikTok profile, although it is still widely shared online. What’s your take on this TikTok video? Stay tuned to Thirsty to hear more about the ongoing controversies.

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