It’s never been a better time to look like a celebrity. In recent months, we’ve seen random people online who look exactly like DJ Khaled, Drake, Will Smith, Kodak Black and Lil Durk, generating a lot of buzz and building brands for themselves as semi-professional doppelgängers. Most recently, a Chris Brown doppelgänger was spotted in Europe.

Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to experience the look-alike effect in hip-hop culture, which is now experiencing a celebrity doppelgänger boom. Recent travels to Croatia led Fabolous to run into a Chris Breezy look-alike. The man’s tattoos matched his wardrobe taste, which was identical to the R&B singer’s.

To Loso’s pleasure, he even busted out a few Breezy-like dance steps. The Brooklyn rapper took to his Instagram Story while filming the lookalike. Fabolous was super impressed with the Croatian Chris Brown’s dance moves.

Am I high or this Chris Brown? Yea that’s Breezy…I knew I wasn’t crazy. Croatian Chris Brown got it…Cro Breezy with the dance moves.

Contrary to Drake, who engaged with his “Fake Drake” impersonator earlier this year, Chris Brown has not yet responded to his “Us vs. The World” collaborator. Lookalikes of Lil Durk and DJ Khaled have gained viral success in other places recently, but as “Perkio” learned earlier this year, rapper impersonation isn’t always easy. Check out the video below.

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