Tekashi 6ix9ine was once one of the most controversial acts in the rap scene. The snitch was notorious for his extravagant lifestyle, from his pricey jewelry collection to his amazing car collection, he had it all. Now, it appears Tekashi is being sued for millions after bailing on concerts. There are already two lawsuits filed against the 26-year-old New Yorker.

6ix9ine stated earlier this year that he was “struggling to make ends meet,” and based by the sounds of a recent story from Vlad TV, things couldn’t get much worse for him financially. Two lawsuits appear to have been filed against the disgraced 26-year-old. The suits accuse him of refusing to do concerts for which he was paid and then defaming people who had hired him to perform in the media.

According to recent court documents, both plaintiffs are asking the court to declare 6ix9ine in default and grant them victories. They say that the “GOOBA” rapper has ignored their lawsuits for months after being served with them. In such circumstances, a judge need only rule in the plaintiffs’ favor and order that damages be paid to them.

In one of the lawsuits, entertainment businesses Hits Before Fame LLC and After Hours LLC are suing the recording artist, his former manager Shotti, and different booking agencies/employees involved in the contract for a total of $5.3M. The other sees Bushwick-born artist 6ix9ine accusing promoters Jaime Dominguez and JJD Entertainment of breaching their contractual commitments to him by claiming that they paid him upwards of $170,000 for a show that never took place.

6ix9ine still uses social media to flex while citing income disparities. He recently released a video from his sold-out performance in Istanbul, Turkey, saying that he earned $500K for just 40 minutes of performance. Check out the posts below.

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