The WNBA has had some newfound success in recent years. There have been a lot more viewers of the league, and there’s no denying that NBA players have been praising the WNBA. Women’s basketball is developing, and it’s wonderful to see that these brilliant women are now receiving more attention.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the league does itself no favors. The WNBA is now making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Numerous sports fans are eager to make fun of the WNBA, and this past weekend, the league gave them an opportunity to do so by awarding Kelsey Plum with a pitifully small All-Star Game MVP trophy.

Participants in sports in elementary school are usually awarded a small tin cup as a participation prize. It was shocking to see such a modest award given the effort these players put out. Twitter commenters expressed the same sentiment. You can see in the comments below that some individuals were making fun of the league, while others were simply just upset with the organization for awarding such a subpar trophy.


Another tweeted: “The WNBA could have gone to Amazon and bought a better looking trophy”

A third one chimed in: “A Wnba exec gotta explain to their toddler why their swimming meet participation trophy went missing.”

Some people even claim to have found the trophy on Amazon and other websites, where they were told it was only $8. We’re sure that the WNBA dropped more than 8 bucks on their trophy, hopefully.

This is just unacceptable for a league like the WNBA, and many are urging the commissioner to start offering the players more incentives in order to prevent further ridiculing of them. Check out the reactions below.

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