Vince McMahon has been the target of a wide-ranging investigation about the nature of hush money he paid to several former employees. The WWE boss doled out over $12 million to keep the inappropriate relationships quiet. Reporters who broke the news believe there could be much more to come.

Joe Palazzolo and Tedd Mann of The Wall Street Journal got the scoop on McMahon’s payments. They recently appeared on Busted Open Radio to discuss their findings. Palazzolo doesn’t think their work is done yet.

During the appearance, Palazzolo was asked if more allegations were expected to come out. He said that he believes it’s “probably not done yet.” While the reporting team currently has no new info in their back pockets, they think there is more to come.

Neither of the reporters was surprised by the news. They said that the character Vince McMahon plays on television should mean the reporting isn’t a shock to anyone familiar with his work. Joe Palazzolo thinks anyone doing business with WWE has a close eye on the scandal.

Vince McMahon has thus far not spoken to the WSJ writers. When asked what they would say to him, Mann noted that he would ask why he paid all the money and whether there were more payments the public doesn’t know about. It is unlikely that he will speak to the Journal, but it would certainly be a bombshell if he chose to.

Vince McMahon has stepped down from his position as WWE CEO while the board of directors investigates the matter. In the meantime, he remains in charge of WWE creative and has made multiple on-screen appearances. McMahon is confident that his Teflon reputation will hold up, but the journalists working on the story aren’t convinced.

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