Lisa Rinna is best known for her appearances on the NBC daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives as Billie Reed. Rinna has also been on Bravo’s hit reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a prominent cast member. Lisa Rinna turned 59 years old today, and a day earlier, she shared a series of pictures on Instagram to celebrate.

The star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills posed for a quick picture shoot in two different bikinis to show off her beautiful physique and youthful skin. She decided to gloat a little on her birthday because she was feeling pleased of all the hard work she had done to fend off the ravages of aging. She wrote, “Almost 59,” in the caption.

Rinna posed for the picture while perched on a balcony wearing an animal print swimsuit. The background of the picture featured what appeared to be a large ocean, coupled with a few palm trees that protruded into the frame. She performed the traditional model posture with her front foot forward and on her toes to display some of her catwalk prowess.

The mother of two also wore a two-tone hat over her typical short brown hair that had a pink pattern on top and a leopard pattern on the visor as an extra touch of elegance. She was photographed in the same bikini twice, the first time gazing directly into the camera and the second time with a puzzled expression on her face. Next, Rinna adopted a similar posture on the same balcony while wearing a black bikini and a chic black-and-white hat by Maison Valentino.

She included a brief piece of the Frank Sinatra song Blue Skies in an attempt to liven things up and acknowledge the stunningly beautiful skies in the background. Given that she shared a video of herself and RHOBH co-star Erica Jayne driving together and making the joke, “God help us, we’re driving around France in a Peugeot,” it appears like the Melrose Place alum may be in France for this picture shoot.

A post celebrating Jayne’s birthday was being made by the two women in the front seats. Jayne turned 51 on Sunday, the day before Rinna turned 59. Rinna continued to wear her black bikini, but she also accessorized with a brown-and-black top, a big black hat, and a red flower covering her left ear. Check out her pictures below.

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