Steve Burton has been with the acclaimed show ‘General Hospital‘ for quite a while and holds excellent fame. Apparently, the star has been pushing through a difficult marriage, and he recently filed for legally pulling a plug on it.

Burton has been married to Sheree Gustin for the last 23 years. Despite Gustin recently announcing that she’s expecting their fourth child, Burton is moving forward with calling for divorce.

Steve recently filed the papers in court. He says that they have “irreconcilable differences,” and cited March 1 as the date of their separation. He accused Gustin of having a baby with another man back in May.

I wanted to clear something up. Sheree and I are separated. She recently announced that she’s expecting her 4th child. The child is not mine. We are still co-parenting our three beautiful kids. We would appreciate privacy at this time. Much luv, Steve.

Sheree and Steve have been married since January 1999. They share three kids together. Steve wants to get legal custody of both his kids and also wants the court to terminate their capability of obtaining spousal support after the divorce.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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