Lil Baby is currently one of the most established rappers in the hip-hop world, with a massive fan following. Hip-hop has become more prevalent in pop culture, with fans going to extreme lengths to show love to their favorite artists. Apparently, a fan was shoved off the stage trying to touch Lil Baby.

Crowd-surfing and iconic dance routines are go-to activities for concert-goers. However, there’s been an increase in the number of fans getting hurt lately. There have been countless run-ins with fans, but a new clip from Lil Baby’s concert has caused a lot of concern.

Baby was rapping his hit song, “On Me,” in front of a screaming crowd when a fan decided to maneuver his way on stage. The fan was not able to get too far, though. He got in front of Lil Baby just before Baby’s security rammed him like an NFL linebacker.

The push from Lil Baby’s security team caused him to fly off the platform and into the audience. Instantly, gasps filled the air as the man made his way down to the floor. It was quite an addition to the show.

Last week, Lil Uzi Vert chucked a cell phone into a crowd packed with fans. The phone slammed into a young girl’s head, causing her to bleed from the injuries. We have no word on how that Lil Baby Fan is doing after going airborne.

Lil Baby’s influence is getting bigger and bigger, recently, the rapper also claimed to be worth a lot of money. It looks like he isn’t going to lose any of the hype any time soon.

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