The legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was settled weeks ago. Now, Johnny is working on some music to let fans in on his thoughts. It turns out that Amber Heard is still on his mind.

Johnny Depp is no longer silent and is using his most recent musical work to sing about winning his defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard. According to the Sunday Times of London, he sang the album he co-wrote with British guitarist Jeff Beck which is set to be released on Friday.

“I think you’ve said enough for one motherf*cking night.”

On the record, named “18,” Depp and Beck, the former Yardbirds guitarist, co-wrote two tracks. The songs seem to express how Depp may have been feeling throughout the arduous, weeks-long trial that made the public aware of the couple’s unhappy marriage.

According to the source, he sang the song “Sad Motherf*ckin’ Parade” and “If I had a dime, it wouldn’t reach your hand.” In June, Depp accompanied Beck on a series of tour dates around the UK.

Other than Depp’s two compositions, the album’s remaining tracks are cover songs, such as “Caroline, No” by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and “Venus and Furs” by Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground. Depp has a lengthy history of performing music in addition to his successful acting career.

Depp and Heard are still targeting one another even after the conclusion of the litigation. Now, let’s see how Amber Heard responds to this. What do you think of it? There are yet more controversies ongoing; to learn more, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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