Hailey Bieber is one of the top models in the world and there’s no denying that. She has always stunned us in attention-grabbing dresses and style statements. Hailey Bieber recently flaunted her stunning curves in a Victoria’s Secret advertisement.

The 25-year-old model uploaded a number of sexy photos to her social media page that displayed her bronzed skin. In the first few pictures, the native of Arizona was seen sporting a white bra and thong-style panties. In the second image, she was posed standing with her left leg raised at an angle and her foot resting on her right knee while wearing a fresh white sock.

Her middle-parted dark brown hair slid down her body, landing at the top of her cleavage. The lips of Justin Bieber’s wife were painted a vivid pink, and they were separated just enough to show her pearly white teeth. Later, Bieber changed into a fresh set of underwear, this one black with white floral and leaf patterns crisscrossing the bra and bottoms.

Her dark green sunglasses and pointed frames went well with the lime green inner tube that was wrapped around her waist. One hand was on top of the other in her final photo, and she kept her arms up over her head. A little tattoo was clearly visible on the upper part of her left leg.

In the caption, the Stephen Baldwin’s daughter mentioned both Victoria’s Secret and photographer Zoey Grossman. As part of the advertising campaign, Bieber and other well-known models like Bella Hadid also posed in a video. The brand’s updated T-shirt bra, which was more understated than some flashier, lacier products Victoria’s Secret is most known for, was worn by the models as they danced around and displayed their toned figures in the new advertisement. Check it out below.

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