Coi LeRay has recently become one of the most-talked artists in the music industry. She has definitely put in some hard work towards her career, and the artist has a few things to say about her success.

On the other hand, Drake has dominated the game for years. The Canadian rapper’s influence on pop culture can’t be denied, and he influenced LeRay without even knowing it.

During an interview with HipHopDX, Coi LeRay revealed, “I couldn’t wait, you know, for moments like this, where my hard work is being credited for and just appreciated and recognized. That’s really the most important part of it because as artists, we work so hard, we have sleepless nights and make a lot of mental sacrifices, and it’s moments like this that I really appreciate.”

LeRay continued to say, “And it feels good to know that every time I’m leveling up. I hate feeling like I’m stuck in the same position.”

Recently, LeRay was chosen as one of the international artists to support Sprite’s Limelight campaign, along with Chinese pop/rock singer Hua Chenyu and African singer-songwriter Omah Lay. The creative campaign, which was created by Grammy Award winner James Blake, has each artist utilize the same hook as the basis for their own unique song as they “reinterpret the musical starting point through their respective creative and cultural lenses.”

LeRay remembered how she liked Drake’s renowned Sprite campaign and how it motivated her to desire to pursue a music career after visualizing her own Sprite ad.

“Drake’s commercial is one of the most iconic ones that I personally love,” LeRay explained. “When his body kind of came out, and then came back together in a 3D motion. I feel like 3D artwork started to blow up within the last couple of years, but Drake was ahead of the game. He was way ahead of the game, you know? That was inspiring and is something that I will always remember for sure.”

LeRay also took this opportunity to talk about female empowerment and how grateful she is for being in the era of female rap artists. “It feels good to be included with the Big Dogs,” she said while laughing. “I’m just glad to be included because they’re so many dope women out right now. I mean, it’s a blessing, and it really helps me go on about my day. 

LeRay hasn’t looked back since being viral in 2021 for her song “TWINNEM” on TikTok, where she has accumulated over 10 Million fans. Her debut album, “Trendsetter” which was released in April, is only the beginning for her. She debuted her newest single, “Involved,” on June 24 and is set to headline the Monster Energy Tour.

We’ll have to see what lies ahead in the future for her. Watch these commercials below and stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates!

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