Jon Stewart recently accepted the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center. Stewart, the 23rd recipient of the prize, was lauded by other comedians and previous Mark Twain Prize winners in testimonies. Stewart’s name has now floated as serious democratic Presidential nominee in 2024.

According to a publication covered in political news, Jon Stewart would be the ideal Democratic nominee for president in 2024. However, not everyone agrees that this would be a good idea. Politico ran an opinion piece that’s garnering a lot of attention this weekend, the former “Daily Show” host was suggested as someone who should seriously consider running for the nation’s highest office and as someone we should all consider as a potential option.

The piece is titled, “If Tucker Runs in 2024, Here’s Who the Democrats Need.” The article also has an additional Twitter caption, “Joe Biden should run for president in 2024. But if he decides against it for whatever reason, Jon Stewart should run on the Democratic ticket instead. He’s exactly the person they need.”

The op-ed begins with the exact same premise, that Biden should run, but then raises the chance that he won’t, deflecting attention to Stewart as a suitable successor. The core of the issue is that Jon is an excellent speaker, as demonstrated on Capitol Hill and elsewhere, and is well-versed in politics, even in a comic context. However, the focus of this fictitious election is Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who some believe may run.

It’s just rumor and innuendo because neither one has publicly stated that they are interested. However, Politico appears to believe that these two would make an ideal matchup if either of those things happened to one of them, especially given that they have already clashed in the past, like in “Crossfire.” As intriguing as it could be to see Stewart enter the race, many online commenters are saying: “Enough with celebrities entering the race, and enough with trying to elevate them as options.”

TMZ curiously asked Jon about the possibility of another celebrity running for office; he didn’t completely dismiss it, but he also didn’t fully support it either. Time will tell whether he jumps in or if this is just more wishful thinking. Check out the posts below.

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