Roddy Ricch is a powerful performer whenever he takes on the stage. The rapper likes to maintain total control over the stage, and he wants to keep the handle on everything. Apparently, the presence of another fan on his stage is out of the question.

Ricch was performing at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival in Frauenfeld, Switzerland on July 7th. The rapper was enjoying his performance of “The Box,” which is one of his popular songs and a hit single.

The rapper was recorded by a TikTok user, who posted the video on the platform. This video showed a fan on stage with security on top of him. They had the situation under control, but Ricch still walked over the punted the dude a couple of times for good measure.

Roddy saw an opportunity to handle the situation his way. As the security apprehended the man and sat him down on the stage, Roddy ran to the man and delivered a couple of kicks on his behind. It was all captured in full HD. This video went viral, for obvious reasons.

The man did get up, and security followed. Ricch kept on performing after that like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

The rapper keeps making headlines over controversial moments like this. He was arrested last month ahead of the 2022 Governor’s Ball in NYC on gun charges. However, the gun charges were dropped, and the rapper came out with his The Big 3 EP. You can check out this latest video below.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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