Macy Gray made comments against the transgender community that drew criticism. Naturally, it didn’t take long for the internet to jump on her case, and now she is very sorry for that.

Macy Gray certainly didn’t anticipate becoming a trending topic this week, but she has. After appearing with Piers Morgan on his talk show, the seasoned performer experienced backlash. They discussed a range of subjects, but Gray’s comments about the transgender community stirred controversy.

“I will say this, and everyone’s gonna hate me, but as a woman, just because you go change your parts, doesn’t make you a woman. Sorry. I know that for a fact.”

Macy made a harsh remark that heated up the national conversation. She received negative responses after making such a comment, which prompted her to issue a statement retracting her earlier assertion.

“My statement on Piers Morgan was grossly misunderstood. I don’t hate anyone. I respect everyone’s right to feel comfortable in their bodies and live their own truth.”

Gray appeared to change course regarding what she said about the LGBTQ community. In order to continue the discussion, Gray appeared on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna in an effort to clarify her position.

“I’ve learned a lot through this, so I think that was one of the reasons it might have happened. It was a huge learning experience for me. I said some things that didn’t go over well, but my intention was never to hurt anybody. I feel bad that I did hurt some people. And I think it’s just about education. It’s about conversation and us getting to a point where we understand each other.”

“Being a woman is a vibe, and it’s something I’m very proud of, and it’s very precious to me. And I think that if you in your heart feel that that’s what you are, then that’s what you are, regardless of what anybody says or thinks.”

Social media users engaged in a verbal battle against Gray, and she has even received threats. Macy recognized the error of her ways, and now we’ll see how people respond to her most recent comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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