Cardi B is one of the most electrifying performers around. While she’s currently doing her rounds of touring in Europe, she was faced with a unique situation. The rapper always has her beefs with fans on social media, but this time it manifested in real life. 

TMZ reports that Cardi B was at the end of one of her shows in London Friday night at the Wireless Festival. She was in the front row along with the fans. As she was sitting on the shoulders of a security guard, apparently her fans got a bit too handsy. 

Cardi B’s reaction to that invasive move was to use her mic to beat down on the fan in order to get them off. It’s unclear what the fan apparently did that got out such an extreme reaction from her, but it must’ve been pretty annoying. 

The rapper is currently in the middle of her European tour. Prior to her London show, she performed for her fans in Norway. The star has quite a lot of dates to meet as she tours all over the continent. 

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Nitish Vashishtha

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