Steph Curry is one of the leading faces in the NBA. He’s also incredibly fit and athletic, as anyone in the NBA would have to be as the bare minimum requirement. As it turns out, being able to bust out 30 push-ups is the bare minimum requirement to get an autograph from Curry. 

The NBA Finals MVP was just golfing around at a celebrity tournament in Lake Tahoe, California. Suddenly, he encountered a young fan, who asked for his signature, according to footage obtained by TMZ. 

The fan asked him how many push-ups would it take for him to secure the star’s autograph. Steph went ahead and said that he had to do 30 push-ups to get it. We don’t know why Steph choose 30 push-ups, though it is a moderately hard endeavor. 

The fan removed his hat and belongings from his pockets to get the push-ups out of the way. He was going at it relentlessly, until Steph signed his jersey, even before he went all the way up to 30. 

Steph Curry is currently having a lot of fun at Lake Tahoe. He is playing in the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe. He is facing off against many big celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Miles Teller, Ray Romano, Colin Jost, Nick Jonas, etc. Some athletes in the game include Aaron Rodgers, Charles Barkley, Vince Carter, Patrick Mahomes and The Miz. 

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