Kylie Jenner has a massive presence in the entertainment industry. She has capitalized on her popularity in almost every aspect she can. Despite being rich, it seems she is not a generous tipper. This is a claim that she didn’t apprecite.

The fashion icon is making headlines because a delivery boy, Pablo Tamayo claimed on TikTok that he was tipped just $12 by Jenner. He delivered food to Kylie’s $36 million mansion and was upset after not receiving enough tip. He was quite frustrated in the video he shared.

The young delivery man also claimed he picked up an order for some pepperoni from an upscale grocery store, Erewhon. The clip went viral on the internet, and Kylie Jenner has addressed it with a video of her own.

In her video, Kylie Jenner showed off sandwiches she made with pepperoni and a lot of mayonnaise. She then slammed the delivery boy in the comments of her video. Kylie claimed, the driver was lying for attention.

No one comes through the gate! Lying for attention. I did not order this myself. He was tipped through the app. [He] lied too about seeing through my windows and hearing my son cry.

Soon after Kylie shared these words it didn’t take long for fans to spread them everywhere. It eventually led Kylie to delete her defensive comments. We don’t know if the delivery boy saw her response but there’s no doubt Kylie made this order through her personal assistant.

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