Jenna Jameson has been suffering from an unknown illness for months. The 90s porn star initially said she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome. When it turned out to be something else, her fans wondered what was causing her unexplained symptoms.

The adult video legend said her legs became so weak that she could not walk on her own. Doctors spent a great deal of time trying to get to the bottom of it. While Jenna Jameson still doesn’t have an answer, it appears she is doing much better.

In a recent video posted to her Instagram Story, Jenna Jameson revealed that she can now walk without any help. She was a little unstable in the clip but said that she is feeling a lot better. Previously, Jenna was using a walker to get around.

“I wanna show you guys that I’m walking, unaided. I mean, I’m not walking perfectly but at least I’m up on my feet,

I’m feeling better. I’m able to walk pretty well. How cool is that?Feeling a lot better.”

Jenna Jameson was worried that her condition might leave her paralyzed. Instead, she is making a miraculous recovery. Walking on her own is a huge step in what once seemed like a hopeless situation.

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Michael Perry

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