Brian Hickerson was sentenced to prison last year after pleading no contest to two felony counts of inflicting bodily harm on a spouse or girlfriend. After Hickerson was released from jail, Brian and Hayden were seen hanging out, obviously disobeying the restraining order, and their reunion culminated in a significant altercation with other patrons of the pub. Brian Hickerson recently declared that his relationship with Hayden Panettiere is officially over.

After four years of intermittent dating, Brian Hickerson has officially announced that he and Hayden Panettiere are no longer together. Hickerson was questioned by paparazzi in a video he and Panettiere were doing. Daily Mail was able to obtain that video. He then confirmed their split up when asked more directly if they were still dating.

Just, ya know, friends. No, absolutely not. I can’t really talk about it but it’s over and done with. Went to treatment. Got help.

There was never going to be a reconciliation between the ex-couples, according to Hickerson, who is currently on probation for alleged domestic abuse episodes involving Panettiere. He also expressed his excitement for new chapters. In addition, the 33-year-old real estate agent talked about the violent hotel altercation he and Panettiere got into in May, stating it was not his finest hour.

Panettiere was spotted intervening in the incident between Hickerson and other hotel guests outside the Sunset Marquis in Los Angeles. He added that he feels fine and that his treatment is “definitely” working. As Page Six reported in May 2019, Hickerson was detained by the LAPD after the couple fought physically in their home in Los Angeles following a night of drinking in Hollywood. Despite Hickerson’s assertion of innocence, he was told to keep 100 yards away from Panettiere. The couple dated on and off since the summer of 2018.

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