Cardi B established herself as one of the best female rappers in the hip-hop world, and her music has reached people all over the globe. She is also not without her own controversies as well, because Cardi B is still traumatized by her ex stealing a ton of money.

Prior to making it big as a rapper, Cardi B used to work in strip clubs. She has always been candid and honest about sharing stories related to her exotic dancer days. Fans also appreciate her honesty.

While speaking on Angela Yee’s Lip Service, Cardi was asked to share an experience when she dated a broke man. The rapper then recalled the time an ex stole $20k from her. This is obviously an experience that stuck with her.

“I came home one day from work, everything, I’m counting the money and everything, I’m about to put it in my stash. My stash, I got like, a thousand dollars.

Like this n**** took the money. He took my money, didn’t answer the phone for like, a whole day. I was going insane.”

After saying that the experience “traumatized” her, Cardi was asked if she ever got her money back. She was able to get some, but not all that much. Regardless, she is in a much better place now, but can’t ever forget the incident, which turned out to be a real learning experience.

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