Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal is a big athlete with an even bigger heart. His generosity is well known to those who keep up with sports news. The basketball hero recently struck up a conversation with a couple in Best Buy over the weekend and ended up buying them gifts.

Shaq paid for the washing machine they intended to purchase, as well as buying them a 70-inch television just for fun. Page Six was informed that the NBA legend really enjoys seeing new stuff in the digital world. This is why Shaq was rummaging through an electronics store in Dallas where he recently purchased a home. While doing so, he saw a young family looking for a washing machine.

The Los Angeles Lakers icon and NBA analyst decided he would like to make their day a little better after speaking with them for a while. He allegedly took out his credit card and bought them a couple expensive gadgets. O’Neal told the outlet about his gesture when he was reached for a comment.

I just want to make people happy.

O’Neal is an incredibly giving person. Over the weekend, he will also give the Buffalo shooting victims his earnings from a planned DJ gig there. According to a recent claim, he paid the full restaurant’s dinner cost while on a date.

Obviously, when you have the kind of cash flow that Shaq does, it’s not hard to give back. He has a reported net worth of $400 million. This is certainly a cool story, because it’s always nice to know there are people like Shaquille O’Neal out there.

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