Lala Kent appeared in the popular reality television show Vanderpump Rules. She is always making headlines for one thing or another. Lala recently had breast augmention surgery, and now she’s ready to flaunt it.

Kent happily displayed the procedure’s results as she posed in a patriotic bikini alongside her Vanderpump Rules co-star, Scheana Shay. The 31-year-old was wearing a bikini top with an American flag print. The garment however did nothing to cover up her freshly expanded cleavage.

She posed in the background wearing black bikini bottoms, showcasing her toned abs and lengthy legs. A large headband was used to hold her blonde hair back and down. When Scheana took the picture with her phone, she was sporting the same headband.

She was dressed in a sensual crimson two-piece that highlighted her long legs and her under-boob. After having her left ear pinned back and her breast implants replaced recently, Lala seems to have fully healed. In the beginning of June, she uploaded a video of herself right after the procedure, writing, “I got my boobs done. Some may wonder why my head is wrapped up. We all got so caught up on boobie talk, we neglected to mention my sweet left ear being pinned back I feel really happy.”

In April, Lala made arrangements to have breast augmentation in honor of the paperback release of her autobiography. After calling off her engagement to producer Randall Emmett over claims that he had been unfaithful to her, the reality star is back on the market.

Ocean, their 1-year-old daughter, will be co-parented by the reality television couple. As a result of the publication of a stunning bombshell expose on him last week, Randall made more headlines. Check out Lala Kent’s pictures below, because she’s obviously enjoying the single life now.

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