Travis Barker recently underwent pancreatitis surgery on June 28. The 46-year-old musician was moved to the larger Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills after being originally treated at the nearby West Hills Hospital in Calabasas, California. Travis Barker has reportedly been released after six days in the hospital.

Photos showing his 43-year-old wife Kourtney Kardashian closely pursuing the ambulance carrying Travis recently made headlines. According to reports, Travis Barker is recuperating at home after contracting a severe case of pancreatitis brought on by a recent colonoscopy. A source recently told The Sun about his discharge news.

Travis has now been discharged and is at home as he continues to recover with the support of his family on July 4th.

Travis later confirmed that the recent colonoscopy that resulted in the excision of a little polyp was what caused the abrupt and potentially fatal episode, which is pancreatic inflammation. Kourtney Kardashian also confirmed the news of Barker going home after she posted a photo from inside her convertible.

Barker also took to his Instagram Story and shared a bunch of board games in a basket, such as Battleship, Monopoly and Operation. The star has been recovering nicely, which is a breath of fresh air for his fans. Check out his update post below.

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