Joe Rogan was only known as a UFC commentator and comedian before his Joe Rogan Podcast skyrocketed into popularity. The star made millions with his podcast on YouTube, and it attracted a lot of huge celebrities in the process as well.

Rogan suddenly started facing controversies in during the COVID-19 pandemic, when he was accused of spreading a lot of harmful misinformation. However, Rogan once again made hundreds of millions of dollars when he signed to transition his show over on Spotify.

The star’s situation took a turn for the worse as a video of him using racist slurs was dropped on social media. Both Spotify and Rogan addressed the issue, while many musicians such as Neil Young left the streaming platform in protest.

Joe Rogan has a lot of recurring guests on the podcast. MIT Scientist Lex Fridman is one of them, and this time, Rogan appeared on Lex Fridman’s podcast. When the AI specialist asked him about how he deals with the controversies, Rogan said that he used mushrooms. He also said that he did some strenuous working out during those tough times.

i used mushrooms. That was one way I did it. I took, it was probably less than a gram every day. And I did a lot of like really hard working out. But also, I mean, there’s a great benefit to going through anything difficult. And if you’re aware, like in advance and during, like anything that’s going to happen, that’s very difficult and troubling. The great benefit is it gives you an opportunity to grow. Gives you an opportunity to express yourself under pressure. To show your character, to show who you truly are.

The UFC commentator also addressed how media creates this vicious cycle of backlash. However, he revealed that the podcast got massive gains in popularity in those days, and said that he liked the positive during such a negative time. Lex Fridman took to Twitter to advertise the episode. Since Rogan has such unorthodox ways to cope, he remains to be an enigmatic figure for his fans.

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