Macy Gray is receiving criticism for statements she made on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored talk show on July 4th. However, it appears that the famous Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is taking a stand for Macy.

On yesterday’s controversial episode of Morgan’s show, he and the “I Try” hitmaker were talking about transgender women when Morgan said, “[We’re] in an era now basically where most public figures are too terrified to even say what they think a woman is.”

When Gray replied “I know!” in agreeance, the host prompted her to explain how she defines a woman in her own words. The Ohio native responded, “I’d say a human being with boobs. You have to start there. And a vagina!”

Rowling took to her Twitter to show support for the singer-songwriter despite the fact that her remarks have offended many in the LGBTQ+ community.

In response to a critic who claimed that Gray had “[killed] what’s left of [her] career” in her interview with Morgan, she wrote back, “Truth hurts.” The author took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it to her personal page.

Rowling wrote,

“Today feels like a good day to ensure I’ve bought @MacyGraysLife’s entire back catalogue.”

As reported by Metro, the Hocus Pocus actress Bette Midler also faced criticism for her questionable online remarks yesterday. She wrote, “WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name!” Rowling also expressed support for this post by retweeting a post about it.

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Smita Singha Roy

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