Shakira and Gerard Pique’s public drama is still going on. After 12 years together, the pair broke up over claims that the Barcelona defender had cheated on the Colombian singer and started a pattern of late nights and parties. The Barcelona defender and Colombian singer’s inner circle members have already spoken to the media, but now things are getting much more serious as the former pair is about to start a custody battle for their two children.

The couple had been having problems for a while and were about to divorce, according to Marca in Spain. The parties have very different intentions for their children now that the divorce has been finalized, and a contentious custody dispute may result. The two kids are Milan and Sasha, and according to rumors, Pique has started legal action to gain full custody of both of them.

According to the story, the erstwhile power couple has already retained legal counsel. According to rumors, Shakira plans to relocate to Miami, Florida, and has recruited divorce attorney Pilar Mane to represent her, while Pique has retained Tamborero Abogados.

Following her breakup from Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, Colombian pop singer Shakira is apparently prepared to go to considerable measures to maintain custody of her kids. In order to get full custody of her kids, the mother of two apparently wants to reveal some of her ex-worst partner’s secrets.

The “Waka Waka” singer has come to the realization that Pique is not the same person she shared a home with for a long time, according to the Spanish publication El Econmista. Shakira and Gerard Pique first crossed paths when filming the 2010 World Cup official video. Shakira is said to have a larger net worth than Pique, and up until the news of their split, the couple’s relationship had been free of incidents. This is a developing story, so stay tuned to Thirsty for more.

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