Katy Perry, Jessica Chastain, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are just a few celebrities that aren’t as enthusiastic to celebrate their country’s independence this year since millions of women’s freedom to choose has been taken away. Following the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, several celebrities have used social media to essentially “cancel” the Fourth of July ‘due to a shortage of independence.’

Numerous celebrities have criticized the Supreme Court on social media since the court reversed the decision protecting the right to an abortion. Perry, whose song Firework is an unofficial Independence Day anthem, used a recent viral meme to criticize women’s rights in America. Perry wrote on social media in reference to her song.

‘Baby you’re a firework’ is a 10 but women in the US have fewer rights than an actual sparkler smh.

While flicking the camera off with two hands for her Instagram photo, Jessica Chastain let her fingers do the talking. The identical joke, which stated that the Fourth of July had been postponed because of a lack of freedom, was posted by Kim and Kourtney on their Instagram Stories.

4th of July has been cancelled due to a shortage of independence. Sincerely, Women.

Lizzo is not simply using the Fourth of July to vent her fury. During the long weekend, the singer promised to give money earned from her shapewear line Yitty to abortion funds. Actress Diane Kruger kept her Instagram story text-only and brief, writing: “Not much to celebrate America.” Check out the pictures below.

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