Former President of the United States Donald Trump needs no introductions. He is known to do a lot of baffling things at times that simply confuse people. D.L. Hughley also believes Donald Trump should be jailed.

Trump’s controversial comments over the years have ticked off people all over the world. In fact, last year, Donald Trump caused outrage after claiming Haitian immigrants probably have AIDS.

Trump even seemingly defended the Capitol insurrectionists who were hell-bent on hanging Vice President Mike Pence last year. Trump also had his part to play in the January 6th, 2021, insurrection at the Capitol Building.

While speaking to TMZ, D.L. Hughley stated that Donald Trump should go to jail and anything less would mean the death of the justice system. Hughley said that he saw enough evidence to conclude Trump committed sedition.

He added that if the Department of Justice does not indict Trump and everyone else who was involved, the idea of justice in America is dead. He said that Trump weaponized the mobs at the building.

I think that it’s clear that the former President of the United States committed treason and I believe that the Justice Department, if they don’t indict everyone involved in this, including the former President of the United States of America then we need to take the idea of justice in America off the table — that clearly does not exist

That man clearly weaponized that mob. He clearly sent in fake electors. He did everything. He committed the very fraud that he told his followers was being committed.

You know what? All these other people are saying that didn’t happen — say it under oath. Obviously, this isn’t a court of law, but the fact that he won’t talk under oath says a lot.

Hughley went on to say that the January 6th insurrection was “way worse than Watergate, because people got killed.” The King of Comedy went on to say that the fact that Trump and his defenders are hesitant to go under oath says a lot as well, and those actions are impossible to defend.

We will have to see what’s next in this controversial story. Stay tuned for more at Thirsty!

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