The Russo Brothers have a solid following all over the world due to their renowned films and series. Fans always anxiously anticipate their new releases and sequels, and as usual, they were speculating about Avengers 5. However, it was recently announced that amid Avengers 5 speculation, Russo Brothers addressed MCU Return possibilities

Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo have made a name for themselves as Marvel Cinematic Universe titans as the filmmakers of Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and the most recent two Captain America movies. The Russos brought some of the Infinity Saga’s most cherished pieces to the big screen, and fans have long pondered whether they’ll cooperate on another MCU movie again.

The brothers haven’t been shy about their prospective interest in a return to Marvel, but they recently provided a sneak peek at their upcoming non-MCU project. It appears that the Russos’ preferences are still heavily influenced by big-event movies because they have their sights set on the Secret Wars.

There are several reasons to believe the devastating war of worlds will take place in Avengers 5 as Kang is ready to take center stage and the Multiverse becomes well-known to MCU fans. The brothers have lately been questioned about their opinions on a return to their MCU haunts and what it would take to entice them there.

AP Entertainment tweeted a snippet from an interview with the Russos in which they discussed going back to Marvel. The brothers responded favorably right away, remarking their love.

“We’re always open to it. We love those guys, we love everyone over there.”

They did mention that due to work for their production firm, AGBO, “right now [their] slate is pretty full.” The corporation specifically identified several unfinished projects, including Everything Everywhere All At Once, The Gray Man, and The Electric State distributed by Netflix.

Joe Russo made it clear that “if the right story lines up at the right time, then we all go back to work” and further he added that “you never say never.” The Russos’ potential comeback is still absolutely uncertain. What’s your view on it? Sound it in the comments. For further updates, stay tuned to Thirsty.

What’s your take on it? Sound it in the comments.

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