Ben Savage was one of the key stars on Boy Meets World. He played the role of Cory Matthews on the show, the leading role. The cast of Boy Meets World recently started a rewatch podcast called Pod Meets World, but one cast member was noticeably absent.

Series’ stars getting together to revisit their popular shows became a big thing in podcasting during the pandemic. Whether it’s The O.C. or One Tree Hill, these podcasts have proven to be popular because the people who were there are giving behind-the-scenes insight about the episodes. Ben’s absence from the Boy Meets World podcast spawned a lot of questions from fans.

Danielle Fishel, who is joined by Will Friedle and Rider Strong on the podcast, explained why the actor decided not to join. Fishel, who starred as Topanga on the long-running series, revealed on the first episode of Pod Meets World why Ben Savage would not be a part of it. 

Fishel revealed that there’s definitely no drama or hurt feelings, it’s just simply not his thing. Fishel said “Ben Savage is doing his own thing. He’s doing Lifetime movies. He’s busy. We would love for him to have been a part of the show. We asked him to be a part of the show. We talked about it with Ben and Ben was like, ‘I’m not sure it’s really my thing.’ He said, ‘It just really is not my thing,’ and we have respected that. It’s not his thing. That is why Ben is not here.

Additionally, Fishel said that she and her co-stars began discussing doing a podcast in 2018 after they attended a fan convention together. The plan is for the group to rewatch all of the show and well welcome guest stars including William Daniels, Trina McGee, Betsy Randle, William “Rusty” Russ, Maitland Ward, and Matthew Lawrence. Meanwhile, we will be on the lookout for more updates.

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